Our Activities

The activities of RSWS NGO are focused on the welfare of muslim women and people of backward communities of Maharashtra. It is the hard work of our members which has reflected in every aspect of our works.

Women Empowerment

For the development and empowerment of women in our society, RSWS NGO have taken some active steps. We all know that women are the foundation of the family and while talking about the welfare of the family women welfare is more important. From our NGO we try to empower the women through various workshops and courses. We organize vocational training for women and adolescent girls. If they start incoming the family will get the benefits and thus every family will grow. We are toiling hard for the sustainable development of the women of various sectors from backward to deprived class and socioeconomic group. We focus on Women’s Development & Empowerment through various programs like health awareness programs, vocational training, and educational camps, etc. which will help them to become self-independent.


Yuvak Yuvati Mela

Gender is a key impact theme in which we set out to embed gender equality into our transformation strategy. RSWS has seen throughout the years that gender equality is a catalyzer for economic growth. For the last five years, we have been implementing initiatives to increase women’s access to resources, their position in leadership roles and women’s workplace safety around the globe and are seeing results in different industries.Every year our organization arranges Yuvak Yuvati Mela where motivational speakers talk about gender equality and help boys & girls to work together.


Job Placement Programs

Unemployment is one of the harmful diseases that makes our society weak and stops us from growing. RSWS NGO has been running some job placement programs to help the unemployed youths and women to become stable. Our society is tying up with other organizations, workshops, local administration to provide knowledge and training over some business and handcrafts.


Scholarship Distribution


As an educational organization, Rubi Social Welfare Society always encourages the children to study and earn knowledge. Every year, we organize an appreciation program where the local children are invited who have scored best marks in examination and we provide them a scholarship as an encouragement to study further.

Networking with Other Organization

Together we can change the world- with this motto RSWS NGO has tied up with similar other organizations working for development. With the help of these organizations, we have arranged many programs to develop the social status of poor people of Nagpur; in future we are planning to do some more.

Old Age Home

Old Age Homes have been running from our organization to provide care and shelter to the poor and homeless people. The senior citizens of our society are often neglected. Sometimes, they are thrown out of their family. Their near and dear ones didn’t like them. They will feel lonely and due to age, they will not be able to work anymore. For these reasons, there is a huge demand for old age homes and with this view, we have started an old age home. Since 2005 the organization has been running our Old Age Home named “Zubeda Old age Home” for the Aged people at Nagpur, Maharashtra.