Zubeda Old-age Home

The organization started Zubeda Old age home 3 years ago. We started with very few people in the beginning but right now we have 22 people in the old age home including both men and women. Most of the time the police get the deserted, abandoned, and unwanted elderly people to our organization. The police are very supportive and consider our organization very trustworthy therefore they sometimes get the elderly people in the middle of the night without even hesitating. All the people in the ashram are taken care of by our organization properly. Regular health checkups are done by everyone. The doctor visits regularly. In case of an emergency, our member from the organization takes the elderly people to the hospital. All the facilities are provided. Clean clothes are given to every new person and proper cleanliness and hygiene are maintained. Healthy food is given. Healthy breakfast in the morning, 

lunch in the afternoon, and dinner at 8 pm. The food is not oily and heavy. We try to provide simple and nourishing food to maintain the health of everyone. The motto of our old age home is to provide a home to those homeless elderly people who were abandoned by their children. We try our best to give them space which feels like home. We have maintained a homely relationship with them so that in the last years of their life they are happy, satisfied, and loved. We celebrate different festivals along with all the national festivals with them and birthdays are especially given more importance because they feel joyous in the process of celebration. A homely environment is created because if the mind is healthy, the body will be healthy.