Our Projects

Rubi Training Institute: Rubi social welfare Society runs Rubi Training Institute. The following skill development training is given through these programs

Computer Training Centre

It is the training that has to take the responsibility of providing them the identity of a normal youth so that they develop a positive tendency towards the community and act as torchbearers of the future. The focus of the awareness campaign is not only on the youth but also towards the family in particular and the community at large. The underprivileged are given training through workshops and are made aware of the importance of computer education. This method of technical education enhances their awareness and motivates the parents to send their sons and daughters to the training with great enthusiasm. Computer education in the center brings about a great revival in the community. The program 

functions as a powerful catalytic perspective. This helps the community leaders to realize that the school could be utilized for various other components of primary education in computers. Currently, we have three batches of a total of 20 students each. We have a very efficient instructor, Gautam Donadkar from the past three years. 

English Speaking

It is approved by Pramod Mahajan Kaushalaya Vikas Yojana Maharashtra State skill Development Society, in the year 2019 -2020 there were two batches of 20 students each. After completing the course we gave them certificates. Our instructor was Danish Humanity.

Empowering Of Muslim Women & Adolecent Girls To Challenge Gender Discrimination & Early Child Marriage

Counselling Center At Nagpur

Our most important activity is counseling. Women usually do not come to share their problems and injustice done to them because of the religious bindings, even if some women come forward with their problems, their family restricts them from doing so. The cases that we deal with are of Talaq, Polygamy, fatwa, maintenance, custody of child, forcibly marriage. We cater to at least 05-10 cases in a month. This year there were 62 cases of survivors of violence. Out of these 20 cases are in reconciliation. 10 cases are filed in the court and given legal assistance which is handled by our legal advisor. 10 cases have gone to the police for legal proceedings. 12 women took divorce and got custody of their children and got their gift articles and jewelry, 08 cases got mutually separated and women got custody of their child 

and their gift article (Dahej). 02 cases in which women had abetment to suicide and after her death her gift articles got to her parents from non-applicant/ Respondent. We helped some women for legal actions suggesting they go to the police station.

Maharashtra Level Conference

A state-level conference is being organized every year on major topics that we work on. We felt a need to discuss the present scenario of the country which is revolving around violence and discrimination. This violence and discrimination are created by the power-holding people of society to rule over people. Due to this power, it has become difficult to maintain communal harmony. There is hatred between communities and the minorities are being targeted. There are several incidents of mob lynching and targeted violence towards anyone who speaks against the power holding ideology. 

On the other hand, there is an economic crisis mounting over the country. In this circumstance, the common man’s life has become miserable as nobody is listening to their voices and they are constantly being violated. We felt a need to talk about all these issues briefly and therefore this conference was organized. This two-day conference was organized to bring together all the activists working in different fields on different issues to understand all the major issues created by the power holding people and to develop a strategy to fight against it.

Women Workshop

Every year, the women workshop is organized by the Muslim Mahila Manch at Rubi Social Welfare Society, Bada Tajbag. In this workshop, some women organizations and social workers took participation along with the women of the slums. This workshop was led by Raziya Patel. The topic of the workshop was ‘Struggle of Muslim women to live with dignity and respect’. Women suffer from different kinds of violence like physical, mental, financial, and sexual violence and how it affects gravely to the growth of women and how it affects her respect. Raziya Patel explained how society has been looking for a woman as a destitute. 

She presided over the history of violence against women along with the structure of Indian society in the ancient period compared to the structure of Indian society in the present. The role of women was explained how the work got twisted with the time. Apart from domestic violence woman has been more likely to replicate as a victim of political, social, economical, custom, social discrimination. We need to change attitudes towards it; we need to set women free to speak out for their rights. It was proposed that these kinds of movements should be given more importance and encouraged the whole society to think about it.

The Second Workshop Was Organized On 18/01/2020

Around 30 women participated in this workshop. Our organization’s secretary, Rubina Patel discussed the importance of women who have struggled for the upliftment of their gender. A team of Jai Jagat, followers of Gandhian ideology deliberate with us in this workshop. Jai Jagat Team has delivered solidarity perspective songs and coordinates us in this workshop. We think that social justice with Muslim women should be done by incorporating rights under the constitutions of India. It is essential to fight against equality and justice for women and therefore to bring changes in the law. There should be a common law for all kinds of women belonging to different religions. For women to be able to fight for their rights, the

First step is to attain knowledge. Therefore women and girls should educate themselves and especially girls should be motivated for education so that they say no to the early child and forceful marriage and break out of the cycle of continuous discrimination.

Meeting With Women

In the last twelve months, the organization organized meetings with women of different localities. In the group meeting the organization discussed with women on the topic of violence, Muslim Shariat act, etc. Most of the Muslim women are eager to study but they don’t get time and assets to study. The organization helps Muslim women to create groups to empower them and to make women economically self-dependent. Different kinds of training are given to women so that they start their own business and earn their bread.  After the meetings with women, the organization found a great challenge as women understand the problem of triple talaq and gender-based violence but hesitate to talk upon these issues openly. To deal with these issues, the organization has decided to form small self-help groups by applying different strategies.

Work With Drop Out Girls

As done last year, this year too we have done surveys in a public place and found some drop out girls to whom RSWS promoted for Education. Our team talked with the parents of those drop out girls. The forms were filled up for the drop out girls who were interested in furthering their education. During the survey, we met with 20 drop out girls out of which 15 girls were admitted/registered to the board office out of which 12 girls appeared for their board exams. In these, some girls were either 7thSTD passed or 8thSTD passed. They had left their studies due to some problems in their homes.

This year 2 drop out boys also showed their interest in completing their education and wanted to finish their 10th exam. It was difficult for us to decide on co-education as it was contrary to the traditional system of separate education for boys and girls. As we started co-education for the 10th class, we found a different view that girls were solving most of the queries put forth by the boys in the class. 

Meeting With Youth Group

For the last two years, we have been working in our area by meeting different joint groups. We try to meet once a month. This year we have met some new groups, some groups left us. To bring encouragement amongst these joint groups we decided to have some games and also read some inspirational stories from the book.  We tried to develop a cordial relationship amongst these groups and the society/organization so that they get to know about each other and should help each other. In addition to this, we tried to know the problems and how to resolve them. We found a change in the girls that they are considering an organization as a secure place. The problems that the girls face in their family, they speak it out openly in the organization. The girls also speak about the problems they face 

in their family and some even talk about their love life. Some girls have become bold to decide their married life and talk about their dreams of life and how to fulfill them. We tried to teach the group about gender biases. The girls enter into the box and can understand the differences they face in their life. But it is difficult to understand the differences and to reduce those differences in their life.

Kishori Sammelan

We organize a yuvati sammelan to Metro Visit. In this gathering, a total of 50 girls gathered. The motto of the gathering was to create an association between girls and the organization. The girls were taken to Nagpur Metro Visit. The girls should become familiar with activities taken by the organization and should consider themselves as one of the important parts of an organization. The other objective of Yuvati Sammelan was to give them outside exposure. The girls shared their feelings of enjoyment and some of their good memories in the program and told about the difference in their personality after joining the organization.

The girls experienced differences like an increase in self-dependence, free talking, traveling alone, taking education, seeing dreams, and talking on social matters instead of marriage, etc. RSWS also organizes Kishori Sammelan in which kite flying by the young girls was the main attraction. The main purpose of the program is to challenge the discrimination made between boys and girls based on gender. The girls are provided with kites and thread rolls by the organization. The organizational activities of the institute were also discussed with girls in which girls shared their opinion and suggestions and said that the self-defense classes, computer classes should be opened by the organization.

Rally On Sexual Harassment

Rubi Social Welfare Society (RSWS) organizes a Cycle Rally to protest Sexual Harassment in which 40 to 50 High school girls participated along with 20 -30 youth group teams. The topics covered in the rally were Asifa, Unnav Rape case, Dr. Priyanka Reddy rape case is the recent brutal examples of women violence which shames humanity. We strictly oppose the current crimes including sexual assault, rape, eve-teasing, acid attack, domestic violence, and discrimination against women, LGBTQIA, etc. We dream of such a society where women will live a life of fearlessness, enjoy the freedom of life and where she should not be discriminated against based on gender, and enjoy equal rights in society. The women should be bearable to work in the night and their families should not bother about her safety and security. 

To prevent crime against women and girls and spreading awareness, the RSWS team embarked on a Cycle Rally along with the Police protection team where police also participated in rallies all the way. We remarked creating awareness such as child marriages, dowry, sexual and mental assaults, sexual harassment, etc. via slogans and solidarity songs on women empowerment and instilled self- confidence among women and youth girls. Lauding the efforts of high school girls to catch an eye on the rally where they demanded their freedom to live free, to set fearless in the society. RSWS urged people to bring awareness on those issues and ask men to take oaths to prevent crimes against women and not to support any kind of violence done on women and girls.

Training On Gender And Sexuality

Every year, the organization gives training to girls on the topic of Gender and sexuality. The session is allotted to the topic of Gender; Sexuality and Woman Reproductive System. In this workshop, the students of Rubi Training Institute had discussed the issue of the immoral trafficking of women, girls, and children by showing the clipping on the projector. A short film is also shown during the workshop. Women should inform about her safety whenever teased by goons to the nearest police station without getting feared. Organization’s Secretary and Director of the training institute as well as the founder of Muslim Mahila Manch, Rubina Patel said that the big racket works for immoral. Trafficking, Most of the girls and children are victims of it. They are trafficked by giving them false assurance of a job and then they are sexually exploited. To curtail this practice of trafficking, the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act, 1986 has been framed.

At last Rubina Patel said that “there is a need for change to look after women in the patriarchy system, not as a commodity but as a respectable part of a human being”. In the same manner, the organization teaches things related to gender and sexuality to the girls through games, group discussions, presentations, etc. During their training session, the organization comes to know that most of the things regarding gender and sexuality were unknown to the girls. From this program, the institution came to know that most of the families don’t share important things about gender and sexuality with the girls.

Family Counselling Center At Kuhi

We had conducted awareness programs, workshops, and seminars with SHG, ANM, ASHA, Anganwadi sevika for violence against women. RSWS has been running a counseling center at Kuhi since 2009 at Panchayat Samiti, Taluka Kuhi, District Nagpur. The counseling team at Kuhi has 2 members Geeta Maske and Legal advisor Adv. Rajesh Kindarle. So far we have handled 80 cases of husband and wife dispute. Out of these 36 cases are in reconciliation. 15 cases are in legal action handled by the legal advisor, 10 cases were given alimony and child custody while 9 were taken under protection officer and 10 cases have closed.

Family Counselling Center At Umred

There is another family counseling center in the Police station premises at Umred block. It has been granted by the Department of women and child development government of Maharashtra since 2014. In this year total, 140 cases have registered on the center from that figure 56 cases are in reconciliation, 26 cases are in the court, 25 cases are referred to Protection officer, 4 cases are 498 Act, 10 cases have got maintenance and child custody, 4 cases were taken into police action and 15 cases has closed. The counselor of the center named Savita Tighare and Ratnamala Vaidya is working there. Two workshops have been conducted in the year 2018-2019 for legal awareness and violence against women.


Within our work, we make a network with other organizations and we all work on an emerging issue in society. Muslim Mahila Manch networks with likeminded organizations and organize talks, debates, demonstration, rally and cycle rally, health camp, participated in conference, training, meeting, and survey on emerging social issues.

The following are the organization with which MMM / RSWS has networking-

  • Nagrik Abhiyan
  • Muslim Women Rights Network
  • ANIS
  • Sarthi Trust
  • Aamhi aamchaya arogaya sathi
  • India Peace Center
  • Women Movement